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You may be hard-pressed to find a dedicated server solution that includes as many features, at one low price, than the servers we offer at EPhost. Combined with excellent 24x7 customer service, a 99.99% uptime guarantee and over 10 years of experience, our solution stands way ahead of our competition. Our state-of-the-art San Diego based datacenter features highly redundant bandwidth, power and AC that is hard to resist.

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Microsoft Windows Dedicated Servers

Get the experience and familiarity that comes with Microsoft Windows™ Server 2008. Make the best out of your dual-core server, quad-core server, or dual quad-core server that you can with Microsoft Windows Powered Dedicated Server.

The Dedicated Server Advantage

A dedicated server is a web hosting service where you are the only customer on a particular server. As opposed to shared hosting in which you are placed on a server with a couple hundred clients. It used to be thought of as an exclusive service for high-volume websites but now, at about the cost of a cup of coffee and muffin in the morning, you can give your company the best possible opportunity for online success with an EPhost Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Server Solutions

EPhost offers a wide variety of dedicated server options from a basic dual-core server to dual quad core servers with hyper threading. Additionally we support RAID redundancy configurations like RAID 1, 0, 10, and 5. All servers utilize dual gigabit teamed network adaptors connected to different switch ports for maximum uptime and reliability.


As a dedicated server customer you have administrative access to your server to be able to install and administer server software to extend the functionality of your website 10 fold. Shared hosting customers cannot install software on the server.

Management Options

Most dedicated server providers assume that if you have administrative access to your servers then they can’t manage your server because it’s out of their control. At EPhost we work together with you to provide managed services while still providing you the flexibility of having administrative access to your server.

24x7x365 Monitoring

Our fully managed dedicated service includes 24x7x365 day monitoring of your website. We are watching your website constantly and will respond by fixing the issue even when you are sleeping. Most dedicated server companies would simply pick up the phone and wake you up to tell you to fix it.

Security & Performance

By virtue of being the only customer on a server you eliminate your exposure to security and performance problems of other customers that bog down a shared server.


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Keep Your Website Safe

The majority of security problems happen because of other people on the same server create a problem. In a Dedicated Server environment, you are the only person on your server,

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All of the Resources all of the Time

As the name implies, Dedicated Servers are dedicated to you. Your website gets 100% of the resources 100% of the time. You are not sharing with 100's of others on the same server.

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High Availability

There are reasons why a company elects to pay much more for hosting on a dedicated server versus a shared server. It isn't about how much traffic or how large the website is- it's ultimately about uptime and reliability.

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