Frankland Migration – Stage 3 Starting Late Tonight

  • Friday, 29th June, 2007
  • 14:19pm

1) LAST CHANCE FOR STORED EMAIL: This is your final chance to get any stored email from the old servers. Please download any old messages by POP3 you may wish to keep. Sometime within 24 hours after we initiate the DSN change, your website and visitors and email will be directed to the new servers in San Diego. Due to the nature of DNS, we cannot predict the exact time this will happen for you. Be sure to use the email settings below to eliminate and reduce issues.

2) MAIL SERVER SETTINGS: While you probably don’t need to make a change to your email client (e.g. MS Outlook). Please note the settings and the address to the web based email below.

3) 3RD PARTY DNS USERS: Please pay close attention to the new IP addresses below and make changes as necessary. If you had a dedicated IP address, we will be sending you the new IP address this afternoon. Please accept our apologies, but we have not been able to issue the new ones yet.

4) DATABASE WARNING: Your databases will be copied over early this afternoon and will be current as of that time. We will be leaving the OLD databases and websites ONLINE during the DNS change over period (24 hours). Any modifications to your old site’s files (e.g. DNN) and DB’s will not be reflected on the new platform. DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR FILES/DB’s.

Mail Server Settings:

You should not have to make ANY changes to your mail server settings. However, if it is necessary, then please use the settings below.

Web based email:
Username: Your Email Address
Password: Your existing password


NOTE: Your outgoing mail server settings may be different depending on your ISP. We require SMTP authentication.

Also See POP3 Settings:,6
Also See MS Outlook:,6

Global EPhost DNS Entries:

stats A (Host Record) (Statistics Server)
cp A (Host Record) (Control Panel)
mail A (Host Record) (Mail Server)

The following records will be on and only.

mssql01 A (Host Record) (MS SQL 2000 / MySQL 4)
mssql02 A (Host Record) (MS SQL 2005 / MySQL 5)
mysql01 A (Host Record) (MS SQL 2000 / MySQL 4)
mysql02 A (Host Record) (MS SQL 2005 / MySQL 5)

The following records will be on and only.

sql A (Host Record) (MS SQL 2000 / MySQL 4)*
sql28 A (Host Record) (MS SQL 2000 / MySQL 4)
sql41 A (Host Record) (MS SQL 2005 / MySQL 5)

* Redundant record will be removed at a later date.

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