VPN Access Information and Instructions
Posted by Tegan King on 07 May 2019 12:39 PM

Here are the steps to connect to the VPN service at EPhost. Once your account is provisioned you will receive the access URL, username, and password. For security reasons, we did not include this information in this knowledge base article.

Installation and Configuration:

To setup the VPN please use our portal to download the connection configuration software and/or the connection provisioning file. 

  1. Login URL provided when you sign up.
  2. Click "Remote Access".
  3. Click to download appropriate link per your OS.
  4. Install the software for your OS. 

Please follow the prompts while installing and the the login details should be included automatically. If not, you will need to add manually. 

Please read carefully. The first link is for both the software and configuration file for Windows. The next link is only the configuration file for Windows users. If you are using a MAC or Linux server you will just download the configuration software. The last link is for mobile devices. The software is OpenVPN compatible. If your configuration does not support the included software you may need to download OpenVPN separately for your device using the App Store, Google Play or download from OpenVPN. Once installed, open the Application and Import the Config File you downloaded.

VPN Usage:

The VPN uses split tunneling. This allows you to access the internet or check email normally while connected to the VPN. However, remote protocols like SSH, RDP or FTP could use the VPN or your local internet connection. When connected to VPN you will have access to your server at EPHost using its internal IP address. This address is provided when your server was provisioned. Internal IP address start with 192.168.X.X or 172.16.X.X. You will use this instead of the outside globally routable IP or hostname / domain name.

Terms of Use:

You are about to access a private computer system. This system and the data therein are private property and provided for private use. Access to this system is restricted to authorized users only. Unauthorized access, use, or modification of this computer system or of the data contained herein, or in transit to/from this system, is strictly prohibited. The use of a password or any other security measure does not automatically establish permission to access this system. Explicit permission must be granted prior to accessing this system.

This computer system and any related equipment is subject to monitoring for administrative oversight, law enforcement, criminal investigative purposes, inquiries into alleged wrongdoing or misuse, and to ensure proper performance of applicable security features and procedures. If monitoring reveals possible misuse or criminal activity, notice of such may be provided to appropriate law enforcement officials. Owners of this system may conduct these activities in any manner without further notice. Accordingly, there can be no expectation of privacy in the course of your use of this computer system. The use of a password or any other security measure does not establish an expectation of privacy. There is no expectation of privacy in any form of access to the computer system.

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