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Network Upgrades
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 23 October 2007 12:29 AM
Due to the nature of the change, we expect intermittent service and downtime per the schedule below. We apologize for the inconvenience. We suggest you inform your website visitors of the maintenance window in advance.

These upgrades will provide us with enhanced capacity for extremely high-volume bandwidth users, increased perimeter security, and marked improvement in our network performance.

We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. We hope you will be pleased with the enhancements and new capabilities.

Date and Time:

October 29th, 2007

9:00 pm - 10:00 pm: Network Instability
10:00 pm - 12:00 am: Intermittent & Downtime
12:00 am - 1:00 am: Network Instability

* Pacific Time Zone

Important IP Change:

We will be performing a global IP address change that night as well. It is UNLIKELY you will need to make any special preparations for this change. However, if any of the situations below apply to you then special action may be necessary.

1) Your domain is not pointed to EPhost, but rather to a 3rd party DNS (name) server.
2) You have your own vanity/private name servers.
3) You are using an IP address that starts with, 69.43.X.X in your website code.

If this applies to you (you will probably know already), we will send you the new IP addresses and special instructions within the next 3 days. Please have your IT person ready to make the appropriate changes at 12:00am Midnight PST (REVISED) on October 29th.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I be sure no action is necessary?

First, check with your web developer and make sure your website code does not contain an IP address that starts with "69.43.X.X". e.g. We suggest you do not use an IP address in your code, but rather a domain name whenever possible. You make this change prior to the 29th.

Second, see if your domain is pointed to EPhost. If your name server matches then no action is necessary. If your name server DOES NOT match one of the sets below, you (or your IT person) will need to make the appropriate changes at 12:00am Midnight PST (REVISED) on October 29th.

1) Visit:
2) Enter your domain name in the search box and click "Look Up".
3) Under "Registry Data" look for "Name Server".
4) The "Name Server" should list one of the following.

Why are we making this change and why is a new IP necessary?

We are making this upgrade to improve performance and protection. A DNS update is required because we'll be replacing our firewall, switches, and the addition of some new uplinks.

Why 9pm PST on a Monday? Why so soon?

We have customers in 22 countries, so no time was a good time. However, we selected a time that off-hours, appropriate for the majority of our users and so that certain staff members were available. This time cannot be changed. We are working to complete this change quickly so that our new network will be available for the holiday season. Additionally, based on our experience, it is beneficial to begin and end on a work day as potential problems can be identified faster.

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Greeting Card and ZIP File Viruses / Spam
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 31 July 2007 08:35 PM
You may have seen recent email containing a greeting card from a family member, or an email with a ZIP file from a long-lost customer. In most cases, this is an attempt to send you spam, capture your email address or infect you with a virus. Most of the messages look convincing enough and are often hard to resist opening. DON'T!

You really need to ask yourself, is it worth losing data on your HDD or worse getting it hacked- just to view a greeting card? Most viruses don't immediately infect your computer (Trojan). In fact, they sit there until a hacker scans your computer or you take some action (like opening the file) to start it's malicious activities. You might not notice for a long time there is a problem.

At EPhost we have recently implemented some new spam filters to try to prevent these messages from reaching your inbox. Not all email providers (especially free mail providers) provide such filtering, so as always NEVER open an email, PDF or ZIP file from someone you don't know. We do suggest you check your Junk Email folder online to ensure no legitimate email was caught by the new filter. If so, just click "Not Spam". See:

Here's what to look out for:

In all cases, the message body of one of these emails, is generally odd or confusing in one way or another. You may notice odd text in the message.. like a passage from a book. This is meant to try to throw off the spam scanners.

1) Greeting Card Spam: Is it your birthday or anniversary? Do you know the person sending you the message?

2) ZIP Files: Do you know the person sending you the message? Were you expecting the message?

Please note, we do allow ZIP files to be send through our mail servers but we don't allow EZIP for your protection. Please see "Banned Extensions":

Here's what not to do...

1) Open the message because you think your anti-virus or ours, must have scanned and "okayed" the message.

2) Think "It won't happen to me".

Trust your intuition...

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Pump and Dump Spammers using PDF Files
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 31 July 2007 08:03 PM
You may have noticed recently receiving PDF files from people that you didn't know. Usually the PDF file will contain a financial related message. These type of messages are used in "Pump and Dump" schemes, designed to artificially increase the price of a penny stock through promotion so they may sell at the higher price. Normally, these PDF's do not transmit viruses but are generally annoying none-the-less. ZDNet is reporting a "massive wave" of such messages.

At EPhost we have recently implemented some new spam filters to try to prevent these messages from reaching your inbox. Not all email providers (especially free mail providers) provide such filtering, so as always NEVER open an email, PDF or ZIP file from someone you don't know. We do suggest you check your Junk Email folder online to ensure no legitimate email was caught by the new filter. If so, just click "Not Spam". See:

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Frankland Migration Completed
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 09 July 2007 05:18 PM
Please note: We are still working on adjusting plan limits for some customers. Additionally, Resellers please be aware that we are still working on adjusting your account billing due dates as well. All tasks will be completed by tomorrow morning.


We still need your assistance...

1) Please test your website(s) and it's functionality. If you are still experiencing issues, please report them as soon as possible to

2) Please login to the control panel using the link below and re-add your credit card number using the instructions below. Your credit card was removed due to the differences in the encryption we use to protect your data.

3) Please note that your billing due date has changed. All invoice are due on the 1st of the month in which they are due to be billed. You can expect to see an "Invoice Generated" email about 10 days before the first of the month but they are not actually due until the 1st.

4) Please direct your email correspondence to

Control Panel Login Details...

Some customers may have had a account number change. Please login and add a credit card to your account if you pay by credit card.

Automatic Login:[UserAccountNumber]&txtPassword=[UserAccountPassword]&selLanguageCode=en&btnProcess=&selInterface=standard_xp

Manual Login:
Account Number: [UserAccountNumber]
Password: [UserAccountPassword]

Choose: Billing >> Manage Credit Cards (To Add a Credit Card) >> Check "Default Card"
Choose: Billing >> Account Statements (To View Invoice)
Choose: Billing >> Make Payment (To Make A Payment)

Website Notes..

We may have updated your files to reflect the new values below. However, some files or data contained in databases may not have been updated. Please check your code and database values.

1) The PATH to your website changed from:

c:\domains\\wwwroot to d:\virtualhosts\\wwwroot

2) When connecting to a MS SQL or MySQL database on our system FROM YOUR CODE you should you use the internal IP address of the database server rather than a domain name (it will connect faster). When connecting remotely you should you the external IP address.

MS SQL 2000 / MySQL 4:


MS SQL 2005 / MySQL 5:


3) We do not currently have a web-based tool for administering a MySQL or MS SQL database for security reasons but may consider adding it in the near future. We suggest the following free tools in the meantime. We think you'll find these to be much more robust than any web based tool.



4) Please make sure your web application is sending email properly. In most cases, you should specify the SMTP server as "" which is the internal IP of our primary mail server. Otherwise, you can try leaving the field blank or try “localhost”. You do not need to specify SMTP authentication. If you are having trouble please contact support.

5) URL Formatting: We employ some URL filtering for security purposes. You may no longer pass a file path in the URL. e.g. "\virtualhosts\\wwwroot" It may have an effect on foreign language characters used in applications like DNN (pages/tabs). Please report any issues to the support department.

We apologize again for the intermittent service over the last two weeks. We look forward to working with you and your company.

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Frankland Hosting Migration - DNS Transfer Initiated
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 01 July 2007 04:49 AM
Important Notices:

1) LAST CHANCE FOR STORED EMAIL: This is your final chance to get any stored email from the old servers. Please download any old messages by POP3 you may wish to keep. Sometime within 24 hours your email will be directed to the new servers in San Diego. Due to the nature of DNS, we cannot predict the exact time this will happen for you. Be sure to use the email settings below to eliminate and reduce issues.

2) MAIL SERVER SETTINGS: While you probably DO NOT need to make a change to your email client (e.g. MS Outlook). Please note the settings and the address to the web based email below- as a precaution.

3) 3RD PARTY DNS USERS: Please make the appropriate updates to your DNS now. You should have received your new IP address by email yesterday.

Mail Server Settings:

You should not have to make ANY changes to your mail server settings. However, if it is necessary, then please use the settings below.

Web based email:
Username: Your Email Address
Password: Your existing password


NOTE: Your outgoing mail server settings may be different depending on your ISP. We require SMTP authentication.

Also See POP3 Settings:,6
Also See MS Outlook:,6

Reporting Problems:

To report a problem after the migration, send an email to with the following. Please allow 12 hours from the date of this email to report your web site issue. **This is being done to ensure you are in fact seeing the new platform.**

1) Check to see if your issues is already address on a global basis: EPhost News
2) As with any support request you MUST include your domain name and optionally your account number.
3) Include EXACT details on how we can reproduce the problem.
4) If a username and password are needed to reproduce the problem please include them or your response will be delayed.
5) Include any error messages you have received, and what you have done to track down the problem yourself.

Customer Service:

If you haven't already, be sure to direct all communication to EPhost now. Please do not send email to the domain.

Toll Free: 877-374-6781
Telephone: 858-225-5785
Fax: 858-777-3305

Support: (24x7)
Billing: (M-F 9am-5pm PST)
Sales: (M-F 9am-5pm PST)

Thank you for your patience.

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Frankland Migration – Delayed
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 30 June 2007 02:17 PM
All services on the old Frankland system are currently operational with the exception of FTP and the control panel. If you have elected to place a “website unavailable” page online, it is better you keep it there rather than your data being out of synch with our migrated copy of your data.

We will be actively resuming the migration in about 8 hours and expect to complete the DNS transfer late tonight (June 30th).

Resellers, if you have made any DNS changes we suggest either backing out those changes or standing another 24 hours.

We understand this is an inconvenience to say the least and will get everything back on track shortly.

We really appreciate your patience and understanding.

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