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ColdFusion 8 Upgrade
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 06 April 2009 01:03 PM
We have already successfully upgraded several customer's dedicated web servers and do not anticipate compatibility issues between CF7 and CF8. Additionally, all CF data source names, CFX custom tags, and settings will import into CF8.

ColdFusion 8 brings with it a number of performance enhancements, security updates and several new tags including CFPRESENTATION, CFPDF, and CFIMAGE among others. These new tags are effectively bridging the gap between the old Macromedia products and newer Adobe products. ColdFusion 8 also introduces new AJAX features for CFFORM and .NET Integration to bring in .NET objects into your CF application.

We are aware that we are bringing CF8 to the scene late. You can rest assured that we will not let this happen again. ColdFusion 9 is coming around the corner quickly and we plan to release it quickly.

Adobe ColdFusion 8 Demos:

If you have any questions please email

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New Website and Logo
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 06 April 2009 12:37 PM
In case you are curious, yes, that's me on the main page! It's amazing to think that I have been working with some of you for over 10 years, but you may not have ever seen me. That's going to change, as I am committed to bringing web hosting information to you using technologies such as video and web conferencing.

EPhost New Website:

I am using "Green Screen" technology to overlay the video over the main image. The video was shot and produced by Robert Ballo and his company, GOAL Productions, in Pasadena, California. They specialize in award-winning high-definition digital productions for corporate and broadcast clients worldwide. In post-production, the video was edited by father and son duo-- Griff Partington, who works at Goal, and Michael Partington.

GOAL Productions:

Several people have already asked how the website was developed and if we are using a content management system. I am proud to say that we created the site using standards-based HTML/XHTML, and of course, ColdFusion. While not new, standards based HTML/XHTML is the current way websites should be developed. It's primary purpose is to separate the layout and design from the content using CSS. This is a key in producing websites that look good in print, as well as, on both your browser or your mobile phone. We are not using a content management system on the site, but have employed ColdFusion in several key places to pull in dynamic content from our databases.

I still have plenty of new content to create for the website, as several pages are still being developed. Additionally, we'll be adding a blog and many new flash-based web hosting video tutorials to assist you with your website and for learning about recent online trends and technology.

We hope that you enjoy the new website and appreciate your comments.
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The New Control Panel is Live!
Posted by - NA - on 27 January 2009 02:11 PM
New Login Details:

Account Name: USR405
Login Name: USR405
Password: Your normal control panel password.

If you do not have your password please send an email to with a new password and we will reset it for you.

Please note:

1) There is a new login parameter to login to the control panel. You must specify the account name (your account number) and a login name (e.g. currently the same as your account name) in addition to the password. We now have the ability to create multiple logins per account giving you needed flexibility for others using your account. e.g. a web developer. Using this new feature, along with the new Account Login Role feature, you can effectively give specific permissions to certain users.

2) There are several "billing" notes:

a) Domain Name Registrations: Domain name registrations are not currently in the new system. We will be manually transferring them to your account over the next 2 weeks. We will automatically renew all domains in the meantime.

b) Extra Features: All Extra Features (including SSL Certificates purchases) could not be imported from the old system. We will be manually moving them to the new panel in the next two weeks. However, the resources from those extra features should be still be available to you. e.g. your SSL certificate will continue to function.

c) New Purchases: Please contact support if you wish to purchase a new feature over the next couple of weeks. We will be making our best effort to get them into the new system ASAP.

3) Features: Your account includes several features (including help screens) which may or may not be currently available to you. Please allow us an additional 48 hours to complete the full configuration of your account before contacting us regarding any features that appear to be missing from your account. This is especially true for dedicated server customers. Please contact if a particular feature is needed urgently. Our Knowledge base will be updated over the next few months.

4) Reporting: Until the new control panel has been fully configured over the next few weeks, please do not rely on the reporting and resource usage displayed in your control panel.

5) We will be implementing a "Customer Service" password to be used when contacting customer service for authentication purposes. If you or a user on your account is unable to identify themselves, this will be used to authenticate.

6) Password Protection/Secure Folders:

a) Users with Secure Folders (Password Protected Directories) will not see their Secure Folders in Helm as they were not migrated to the new Helm database. However, the folder will remain protected. You can use the control panel to recreate the folder and users. In some cases, if you are unable to login to your Secure Folder, you will definitely need to recreate the Secure folder and users.

7) Resellers: You will receive additional information shortly.

If you have any question or concerns please send an email to
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Control Panel Upgrade!
Posted by - NA - on 20 January 2009 12:48 PM
This upgrade will pave the way for several long awaited upgrades such as ColdFusion 8, Windows 2008 and MS SQL Server 2008. Additionally, the new control panel system will add several new features including multiple account logins, login roles, database backups, increased file management and greater control for our Tier 1 Customer Service team.

Previous attempts to upgrade the control panel system have caused issues for a select few customers who have non-standard web or email hosting configurations (e.g. off-network email/website hosting). We are taking many pre-cautions for these customers to avoid complications. No action is needed on your part. If you are affected, please send an email to and we will address the problem as quickly as possible.

We are urging customers to make any necessary changes to your systems before the control panel is taken down for the upgrade. This includes adding websites, email accounts or FTP Accounts. Making changes to these systems will not be possible during the upgrade window.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you in 2009.

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Secure SSL Email Encryption!
Posted by - NA - on 12 November 2008 05:03 PM
The use of encryption will greatly increase the security of your mail as it travels across the internet. We strongly encourage the use of encryption as the security of our customers is important to us. More inforamtion on implementing SSL or TLS in your mail client can be found in our knowledgebase at:
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Server Upgrades
Posted by - NA - on 29 October 2008 12:57 PM
As we upgrade the ram in EP24 and EP29 tonight, the servers will be down for approximately 20 minutes between 5:30pm and 6:00pm. This upgrade will greatly increase our ability to meet the ever growing demand for resources by web applications.
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