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Anti-Spam Whitelist Change
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 25 February 2010 04:39 PM
If you have Chinese business associates so I wanted to make you aware as it may affect you due to the poor rating of email from China.

If you would like us to globally whitelist MISSION CRITICAL email addresses from China we would be happy to do so. However, we will only whitelist PRIVATE domains or SPECIFIC full email addresses. We will not be able to accommodate a large or ongoing list of domains or emails. In these cases, it is best for you to whitelist using the Trusted Sender’s list in each individual email account you have.


We apologize the inconvenience but it was a necessary step to stop huge amounts of spam.

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Maintenance Upgrades
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 04 January 2010 12:12 PM
A special effort this year will be made to improve our telephone customer service, and website support options. Additionally, a large part of the focus this year will be on delivering you updates and new services much faster. We are excited to service your account and appreciate your business.

Today, we are announcing a series of maintenance upgrades over the next couple of weeks. These upgrades are designed to enhance our current set of services and add some new functionality. Upgrades will be performed at various times during the day and night over the next couple of weeks. Only two upgrades will are expected to be service affecting and will be specially announced a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Non-Service Affecting Upgrades:

DNS Server Upgrades: We will be updating the actual DNS software and migrate the DNS servers to new dual-quad core servers. While the service will not be available for a short time, no email or website downtime is expected.

Statistics Service Upgrades: We will be upgrading to the latest version of our statistics software as well as migrating the service to a new dual-quad core server. The latest version of the software will feature new reports and data mining capabilities. While the service will not be available for a short time, no email or website downtime is expected.

Account Center Upgrades: We will up upgrading the account center software currently in use for new customers. While the service will not be available for a short time, no email or website downtime is expected.

Monitoring Software: We will be migrating our monitoring software to a new dual-quad core server for increased performance and reliability. While the service will not be available for a short time, no email or website downtime is expected.

Virtual Server Systems: We will be migrating several servers to our new virtual server and SAN storage network. This will provide increased speed and reliability to our virtual servers and open-up our virtual server offering officially. No downtime is expected.

Service Affecting Upgrades (specially announced):

Power Maintenance: As you may recall our power maintenance in November was cut short to the availability of critical hardware. The new hardware has arrived and will be placed into service. We will need to shutdown and restart several servers. This upgrade will be announced in advance.

Mail Service Upgrades: We will be upgrading the mail server to the latest version of the software and migrate the server to a new dual-quad core server for increased capacity. The latest version of the software adds new mail synchronization options and other general web mail optimizations. We DO expect mail service downtime while we migrate to the new server. This upgrade will be announced in advance.

Upcoming Updates:

1) Website builder tools.
2) Community support software.
3) Improved account management & billing.
4) New application packs installers.
5) Availability of MS SQL 2008 for Helm customers.
6) Improved domain name management tools.

Please visit the news section of our website for the latest updates. If you have any questions please drop us an email (

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Network Maintenance
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 10 November 2009 12:45 PM
The maintenance will include:

1) Switching to a new edge network to address intermittent routing issues some customers have experienced.
2) Adding new power circuits to maintain optimal power levels and for expansion in the future.
3) Replacing older PDU's with newer ones for improved performance.

We apologize for any inconvenience that you may experience. Please be assured all EPhost, Inc. authorized maintenance activities are to ensure optimal performance of our network facilities and equipment. Please be sure to pass this along to your employees, vendors and customers so they are aware of the maintenance window.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the EPhost Support Department at 1-858-433-2818 or E-mail us at

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New Website and Services!
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 06 November 2009 02:24 PM
We are very excited about the new website and hope that you will benefit from the new content and features. Our new site also includes my blog which I hope to pass along news and helpful information. Please feel free to suggest some topics.

Here is a quick list of the new features.

1) Account Center Management.
2) New DotNetPanel Control Panel.
3) Application Packs that work.
4) Upgraded Hosting Plans.
5) ASP.NET and ColdFusion Specific Plans.
6) Added Virtual Server plans.
7) New Account Management Center.
8) New Referral / Affiliate program.
9) New EPhost Company Blog
10) Coming Soon: New Knowledge Base and Ticketing System.

What does this mean for existing customers?

There is nothing you need to do. Over the new few months are going to be removing our billing system from Helm to the new Account Management Center. The only difference will be that you will login to the Account Management Center which will click through to Helm to manage your website. However, billing and domain management will be in the Account Management Center.

We will not be migrating customers to newly available plans automatically due to the substantial differences between the plans. For example, no more Front Page, Windows 2008 Server/ IIS 7.5, separation of .NET and CF, and other differences. If you are interested in the new plans you can self-migrate or maintain two accounts. We can make this easier by moving certain resources for you. I highly recommend waiting until we officially launch the EP2 Cloud Hosting Network.

What does this mean for existing affiliates and the referral bonus program?

Affiliates should review the new affiliate / referral bonus program and create a free affiliate account in the new system ASAP. Please carefully review:

Are there any changes for existing dedicated server Customers?

There are no current changes for dedicated server customers. However, we will be releasing some options for customers to move to upgrade to Windows Server 2008, MS SQL Server 2008 and DotNetPanel.

What does this mean for existing resellers?

There are no current changes for reseller customers. We have new reseller hosting options available though including a Pay-As-You-Go program. The changes to the Account Management Center and Control Panel will not affect your customer’s experience.

Can you explain the differences between the Account Management Center, DotNetPanel and Helm?

In the past you have come to know Helm as both your control panel and billing system. However, it's really just a control panel. The same is true with DotNetPanel. The Account Management Center is a central area to manage your billing or domains which clicks-through to your control panel (Helm or DotNetPanel) to manage your website. By having this separation we get the best accounting software and the ability centrally manage different control panel. This is a huge advantage as we can add various control panel solutions and expand our offerings (e.g. Linux Based / CPanel Plans).

If you have any questions or comments about the new site, please forward to and we will get you an answer quickly.
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PayPal Connection Failure Messages due to Verisign SSL Update and ColdFusion 7
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 09 October 2009 09:52 AM
Users running ColdFusion 7 and IIS 6 recently reported issues connecting to the PayPal API. Users of PHP and/or ASP.NET may also be affected. ColdFusion 8 users were not affected. We highly suggest testing your PayPal transactions. Please report issues to

ColdFusion 7 Solution:


EPhost Support Team

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EP12 Maintenance
Posted by - NA - on 27 September 2009 12:51 PM
FTP on EP12 will be disabled during the service window. Also, if any changes are made to a CMS during this time those changes may be lost.

No action is needed on your part.

We understand the inconvenience of these upgrades, but we feel that they are necessary to continually provide our customers with the best level of service possible.

If you have any additional questions please contact
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