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End of life for Legacy Software
Posted by Tegan King on 17 August 2015 01:32 PM


To improve web server security, legacy versions of the following Content Management Systems (CMS) will no longer be supported by our shared web hosting servers. In 90 days, we will place any websites still running outdated software OFFLINE until repaired. While everyone should update their software- dedicated, managed and collocated server customers are EXCLUDED from this notice.

**Please login to your content management system and upgrade the core files and the plugins AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If needed, please contract with your web developer to help upgrade your CMS to the latest version.**

Here is the list of the most popular legacy CMS systems and the minimum version we will support in 90 days. We have also included a link to the documentation on how to upgrade the CMS.

WordPress ~ Newest Version 4.2.4

Joomla ~ Newest Version 3.4

MuraCMS ~ Newest Version 6.2.6365

Opencart ~ Newest Version

Drupal ~ Newest Version 7.38


Special Notes:

1) This is not limited to the software listed. If your website, of any kind, is found to be actively infected it will be disabled immediately. If it is unpatched, you will need to patch it too.

2) It is important to understand that, regardless of who built your website, it is your responsibility to maintain your website software or contract with your developer to do this for you.

3) The problem of security has been an ongoing issue. For instance, WordPress has released 5 major security patches this year. Hackers and virus infections are on the rise- please consider your website visitors should your website be infected. The hacker goal is to infect your website visitors in most cases.

4) Those running outdated ecommerce software in conjunction of their need to consider the potential impact on their business and take immediate action to resolve. We have reached out to many people in advance of this notice.

5) If you need help, we are available to help at no charge where/when possible (at our sole discretion). For the best service, our web development team is available to assist on an hourly basis.


This move is being made to provide better service and security to our clients. Thank you for your understanding.

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