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Replacement of Firewall and Switch Infrastructure
Posted by Tegan King on 01 June 2016 04:24 PM

In a continued effort to provide clients with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure services, this is to notify you that EPhost Administrators will be performing network maintenance on Tuesday June 14th 2016.

Type of Work: Network Maintenance

Location: EPhost Data Center San Diego, CA 92123

Purpose: Continued delivery of stable and reliable network operations.

High Level Summary: Replacement of Firewall and Switch Infrastructure.

Window Start: 6/14/2016 @ 9:00 PM PST
Window End: 6/15/2016 @ 2:00 AM PST

Service Impact Summary: THIS WILL BE A SERVICE IMPACTING EVENT. The EPhost Network will be TAKEN OFFLINE at 10PM PST for a period of about 30 minutes. Once services are back online, some services will continue to be intermittent during the entire maintenance window as we reorganize the switching and CDU topology. Remote mail servers attempting to send mail during this time will retry after 90 minutes.

Schedule: The window for maintenance is scheduled to begin at 9:00 PM on Tuesday June 14th 2016, and end at 2:00 AM on Wednesday June 15th 2016. Should additional time be required, notice will be provided and the maintenance window will be extended.

Testing & Planning: All testing and planning being conducted during this window is part of a pre-defined checklist designed by the EPhost Web Administrator team.

Regression Planning: The EPhost Web Administrator team will be on-site managing this window. As with any Network Maintenance, while highly unlikely, there is a possibility that something unexpected may occur during the work process. Should any issues arise, all equipment will be placed back into standard operation and the work will be postponed until the issue is resolved.

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