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We have been informed that on or around September 13, 2018, your browser will distrust all Symantec SSL certificates whether they are expired or not. EPhost will be replacing your SSL certificate with a new DigiCert SSL certificate at no charge over the next several months.

Action: We will initiate the SSL Certificate replacement, but we will need your assistance in approving the SSL Certificate using email validation as quickly as possible. You will be notified by email the morning that we have initiated the replacement process. Please look for, and promptly approve, the approval email, from DigiCert (later that day or the next). We will complete the SSL replacement and send you an email to confirm and test.

The email validation process works like this: DigiCert / EPhost will send an authorization email to the registered owners of the domains listed publicly on a WHOIS record. We can also send the authorization email to five constructed email addresses for the domain: the admin@, administrator@, webmaster@, hostmaster@, and postmaster@ accounts for each public domain. When you receive the email please promptly approve the certificate.

If we do not host your website, you will need to provide us with a CSR to replace the SSL Certificate, we will contact you if this is the case.

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