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Frankland Migration Completed
Posted by Joe Rebis (Import) on 09 July 2007 05:18 PM
Please note: We are still working on adjusting plan limits for some customers. Additionally, Resellers please be aware that we are still working on adjusting your account billing due dates as well. All tasks will be completed by tomorrow morning.


We still need your assistance...

1) Please test your website(s) and it's functionality. If you are still experiencing issues, please report them as soon as possible to

2) Please login to the control panel using the link below and re-add your credit card number using the instructions below. Your credit card was removed due to the differences in the encryption we use to protect your data.

3) Please note that your billing due date has changed. All invoice are due on the 1st of the month in which they are due to be billed. You can expect to see an "Invoice Generated" email about 10 days before the first of the month but they are not actually due until the 1st.

4) Please direct your email correspondence to

Control Panel Login Details...

Some customers may have had a account number change. Please login and add a credit card to your account if you pay by credit card.

Automatic Login:[UserAccountNumber]&txtPassword=[UserAccountPassword]&selLanguageCode=en&btnProcess=&selInterface=standard_xp

Manual Login:
Account Number: [UserAccountNumber]
Password: [UserAccountPassword]

Choose: Billing >> Manage Credit Cards (To Add a Credit Card) >> Check "Default Card"
Choose: Billing >> Account Statements (To View Invoice)
Choose: Billing >> Make Payment (To Make A Payment)

Website Notes..

We may have updated your files to reflect the new values below. However, some files or data contained in databases may not have been updated. Please check your code and database values.

1) The PATH to your website changed from:

c:\domains\\wwwroot to d:\virtualhosts\\wwwroot

2) When connecting to a MS SQL or MySQL database on our system FROM YOUR CODE you should you use the internal IP address of the database server rather than a domain name (it will connect faster). When connecting remotely you should you the external IP address.

MS SQL 2000 / MySQL 4:


MS SQL 2005 / MySQL 5:


3) We do not currently have a web-based tool for administering a MySQL or MS SQL database for security reasons but may consider adding it in the near future. We suggest the following free tools in the meantime. We think you'll find these to be much more robust than any web based tool.



4) Please make sure your web application is sending email properly. In most cases, you should specify the SMTP server as "" which is the internal IP of our primary mail server. Otherwise, you can try leaving the field blank or try “localhost”. You do not need to specify SMTP authentication. If you are having trouble please contact support.

5) URL Formatting: We employ some URL filtering for security purposes. You may no longer pass a file path in the URL. e.g. "\virtualhosts\\wwwroot" It may have an effect on foreign language characters used in applications like DNN (pages/tabs). Please report any issues to the support department.

We apologize again for the intermittent service over the last two weeks. We look forward to working with you and your company.

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