New Spam Sniffer

  • Wednesday, 20th September, 2006
  • 13:56pm

We have recently updated our anti-spam software to include Message Sniffer. Message Sniffer is an add-on to our existing Declude SecuritySuite and has proven to be very effective in fighting spam. Message Sniffer is a multi-platform command-line anti-spam scanner that uses advanced pattern recognition technology to accurately identify spam. Message Sniffer is unique in that most companies that use Message Sniffer contribute to its effectiveness by reporting their log files daily to the company.

Over the next few weeks please be sure to check your Junk Email folder ONLINE often to ensure no valid email is being caught. If you feel that it was likely that the message would be caught, whitelist the sender by clicking "Unmark as Spam" or by adding to your Online Address Book. Otherwise, please leave it in your Junk Email folder and raise a support tickting outlining the date, time, sender and suject line of the email. We will investigate further.

Otherwise, please enjoy this new level of service. We would love to hear from you.

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