WP Optimized

$14.95/m *
* Prices per month. Quarterly, annual and biennial discounts available. Services listed as "unlimited" are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy below.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

High Performance Hosting

All WordPress Optimized servers are tuned for maximum performance using NGINX, APACHE, PHP-FPM and MariaDB.

Free Dedicated IP Address

All plans include a dedicated IP address.

Free SSL Included

We include free SSL certificate to keep your site's visitors protected and secure.

Instantly Install WordPress

Our software installer makes fast work of installing WordPress. We also offer free WordsPress installations by our support staff.

Automated Backups

Optional CRON job to backup and archive your WordPress installation daily, weekly or monthly.

Automated Upgrades

Optional CRON job to apply core, plugin and theme upgrades (minor upgrades and security patches) automatically.

Free Themes During Install

Get a cool new look and feel with these free themes- many now include responsive web design.

No Plugin Restrictions

We do not restrict your use of various plugins. We do recommend installing reputable plugins from vendors who provide regular updates.

Email Included

We include many free email accounts, allow SSL without issue, and are able to provide dedicated IP address (included FREE in EP Unlimited Plan) & SSL certificates.

Migrating from WP Engine?

Coming back to less expensive hosting without restrictions? If so, we'll help make the move for you.

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WordPress Development Team

We have an entire web design & development team available to assist with any help you many need with your WordPress.

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WordPress Benefits

According to the WordPress.org website, WordPress powers 23% of the web and is growing everyday! WordPress is a big part of what we do here everyday and needless to say our staff is extremely knowledgeable on most WordPress topics.

Open Source Driven

WordPress is free and open-source. By using open-source you are helping 1000's of developers around the world that are involved indirectly and directly associated with WordPress and all of the associated plugin developers.

Visual Editing

Visual editing makes advanced layout easy with features a rich toolbox of drag-and-drop widgets and a WYSIWYG interface.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is the #1 choice for a well optimized, SEO friendly website with minimal effort.