Search Engine Optimization

A fundamental aspect of the success of your website, and your business, is your website's ability to attract targeted visitors. To do so, you will need to be featured prominently in the search engines under the specific keywords people would type in to find what they need.

SEO Services

An attractive site design is important, but you need search engine optimization to get people there in the first place. Equally important is getting found for free, rather than from paid advertising. Organic search engine optimization makes that happen.

On-Page Optimization

Search engine optimization starts with the code behind your web page being written to be easily indexed by the search engines. This code must be W3C Standards compliant, accessible to the broadest possible audience and free of "tricks" that might get you banned from the search engines. Inclusion is only the beginning though. Your website should include finely-tuned text that lends credibility to specific topics and keywords. This will lead to targeted traffic which in turn means reduced bounces and more conversions.

Reporting & Analysis

Meticulous reporting and analysis of your ideal keywords and phrases as well as those of your top search engine competitors.

Code Inspection

Inspection and repair of your website code to bring it up to W3C compliant standards for overall compatibility with search engine indexing. This may include CSS & JS minification, and page compression for faster loading pages.

SEO Best Practices

Implementation of SEO Best Practices including the following techniques: themed content URL site structures, XML & HTML site maps, page weight, key use of robot directives like noindex and nofollow, inter-linking relationships, meta data, proper 404 usage, reverse DNS, GEO specific IP address space, breadcrumbs, handling of iFrame content, image alt information, page layout, embedded code, and the elimination of duplicate content.

URL Rewriting

Careful use of URL rewriting techniques including 301 redirects to force canonicalization of your URLs, eliminate query params, re-claim lost link juice and redirect SE bots like Googlebot to the latest versions of your pages.

Content Editing

Selective editing of your text content including: proper keyword weight and frequency usage standards, recommendations for overall text volume, and a review of text based navigation elements.

Google Webmaster Tools Management

Google gifts you the tools to succeed in ranking well in their search results- the same is true with Bing. We assist in that process by monitoring your webmaster accounts for any alerts and to engage them when needed.

Optimize Branding & Consistency

Repeated interactions with a consistent brand voice create a sense of familiarity, generate sales leads and ease the sales process. When properly managed, these channels provide increased brand reputation as well as the insight to protect your company image.

Host with Us?

Hosting with us helps speed the design and development of your website during your project as well as any changes you may have in the future.

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Web Development Team

Our Web Design and Development Team is available for full web development projects as well as small fix-up, maintenance and security upgrades.

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All Websites Include

We include following is included in every project we do:

We Are Open When Your Are

Our web development and web design staff is available Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm by email and telephone. We are available evenings and weekends for any rush or emergency work. If you are hosting with us, our technical support department is open 24 x 7 x 365.

Project Management

Your project will be professionally managed by your Project Manager and Account Manager who will help ensure your website is completed on time and within budget. The work is then sent for Executive Review to ensure your project requirements have been completed.

We Are Fully Insured

Insurance is often overlooked in the freelance world. EPhost is fully insured for professional liability E&O, business owner's, worker's compensation and Cyber Liability through The Hartford and Beezley. Please see the TechInsurance verification icon in the footer of the website.


Agile Kanban Workflow

We follow a Agile Kanban Workflow to ensure we don't become overloaded and to deliver quick iterations of completed project work for your review (typically weekly). This keeps your project on track and helps clear up issues if delays do occur.


Our workflow involves several specific steps to avoid miscommunication and wasted effort. This includes design meetings, weekly status updates and handover meetings. Additionally, our Master Services Agreement specifically defines our working policies and Word Orders help address changes.


Our client-facing project management system works over email and does not require any special login- just reply to the email. Our internal system enables us to track specific tasks associated with each of your milestones to make sure nothing is lost in translation.