Server Move Update: Reminder

  • Thursday, 3rd October, 2013
  • 09:24am

On Friday October 4th at 6pm - 3am PST and Saturday October 5th at 6pm - 3am PST, we will be moving all servers to new data center floor space. We highly suggest informing your website visitors that your website will be down or intermittent during the appropriate maintenance window. For most customers this will be on Friday October 4th. If you are a former Mallsoft customer (you will know), or have been informed otherwise, you will be moved on October 5th. Customers on October 5th will experience an IP change which will occur on October 6th and October 7th at 6pm PST per our previous announcements. Otherwise, your IP address will NOT change.

Please see: Server Mover Announcement


Frequently Asked Questions:


What do I need to do?

Unless you have received a number of emails from us in the last few days indicating you will be required to make changes during the move- there is nothing you need to do. We will handle all updates and return your service to normal as quickly as possible.
Will everything be down until 3am PST on the respective days? Why start at 6pm PST
No, this is an over-estimate in the event that time is needed due to an unforeseen issue. We are beginning at 6pm PST to prepare, but service will not be powered down until 8pm PST on the respective day. There is no universally convenient time for all customers. We have customers 22 countries and our customers have website visitors worldwide. Our goal is to ensure adequate time for our staff and the availability of facility staff. Customers moved on October 5th will experience a longer wait as we have to transport servers to the other facility 10 miles away.


How can I tell what day I will be moved?

If your CURRENT website IP address begins with 64.87.X.X you will be moved on October 4th. Otherwise, you will be moved on October 5th. To determine your current IP address open a Command Prompt (PC) or Terminal (MAC) window any type the following without the quotes which will display your IP address: "PING". If you see 64.87.X.X you will be moved on October 4th. If not, on October 5th.


Will mail services be down during the move?

Mail will be down briefly (for everyone) during the move on October 4th. We expect no more than 15 minutes of downtime as the mail servers will be the first to be moved. Any mail sent to you during those 15 minutes will be redelivered to you by the sending mail server (typically within 30 minutes), or if you are using our premium MX service, by the backup queue. 


What will happen to my website visitors during the move?

Our INTENT is to have a maintenance page for your website visitors during the move. We have improved the logistics of the move in such as way to reduce downtime and intermittent activity during the move. However, this means maintaining the current infrastructure as much as possible while servers are moved. A temporary DNS redirect will be costly in terms of DNS propagation time due to DNS caching despite low Time to Live (TTL) values. A router and firewall change to force traffic to an alternate address is potentially risky as it introduces core changes that may affect the end result- getting you back online quickly.


Can I postpone the move?

Our apologies, we are contractually obligated with our bandwidth providers to complete this move. It will not be possible to postpone the move for any customer but we can make arrangement for any customer needing additional assistance.


Will customer service / technical support be available during the move?

All calls and emails (support tickets) will be routed to our secondary support team. However, it will not be possible for us to provide individual status report updates during the move.


If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to send an email prior to the move.


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