EPhost Network Status Now Available Online

  • Wednesday, 4th October, 2006
  • 14:02pm

At EPhost, we monitor every server, every 20 seconds, from two different physical locations. Recently, we added a third internal monitoring system that will provide a much more in-depth look into the status of our many servers and systems. Additionally, we have made the general network status online for you to view. Customers who are trying to debug a local issue, can view our network status to see if something is happening that may affect their service.

Network Status Online: http://www.ephost.com/noc-center.html

You can find this link again from the "Support" drop-down menu on our website.

Our new internal monitoring is special because it will replace many of the functions we currently do by hand. For instance, checking available disk space on our shared and dedicated servers was a tedious server-by-server process that took over a day to complete. Now we can check all of the servers automatically every hour. In the event disk space is running low on server we are notified immediately.

We hope new features like this will help us save time that we can use to support you and your website.

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