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  • Wednesday, 14th July, 2021
  • 13:29pm

On August 1st, 2021, the SmarterMail email service will become a paid service as previously announced last year, but good news you can keep your account!

Your pricing will be grandfathered in at a deeply discounted rate (50% off published prices). The new email service fee is $5 - $20 mo, depending on the size plan you have. It will show on your 08/01 invoice as "Shared Services". Your normal web hosting fees will remain the same. If you prefer, and you haven't already, you can avoid this fee and migrate DNS and email to the free service in your web hosting plan. Please see the enclosed KB article for options.

**Suggestion: If the current email service suits your needs I HIGHLY suggest you continue to use it- no further action is required - and it's a big upgrade from the free email service. The choice is to stay on SmarterMail, where the average price is averages LESS than $1.00 per user, move to a free but simple account, or make the move to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 which charges $5.00 PER USER MINIMUM. **

The Details:

Over one year ago we upgraded your legacy hosting plan to a new modern hosting plan (Linux or Windows) that included brand NEW email service. However, most people did not want to leave the existing email services (SmarterMail). To save you the trouble, we did not move your email to that new solution. Instead, we left your email intact, and gave you one-year FREE to self-migrate to the new email service if you wanted. The existing email service (SmarterMail) will become a paid service, at a deeply discounted rate, on August 1st, 2021.

Due to storage costs associated with the increased usage of IMAP, and the support for modern email features, our expenses have increased significantly. We have found it necessary to either move you to the free email in your plan or charge for SmarterMail usage.

We have several options:

1) Do nothing and stay on SmarterMail!
2) Self-migrate to the email in your web hosting plan.
3) Have our professional services team migrate your email.
4) Have us upgrade you to Office 365 / Microsoft 365.

The premium email service will now include:

Extra Disk Space (Coming soon)
Video Conferencing
Instant Messaging
Team Workspaces
Remote File Storage
Exchange Web Services
MAPI Integration
Multiple MX Servers
Failover DNS
DNS Security
Cyren Anti-Virus
Declude Anti-Virus
Message Sniffer Anti-Virus
Daily Backups
Redundant Email Server.

* There is no charge for self-service migrations to use the email in your hosting plan. Otherwise, our professional services team is available on an hourly basis to migrate you to the email service in your plan.

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