Frankland Migration Notice- Stage 2 Starting Tomorrow

  • Wednesday, 27th June, 2007
  • 14:18pm

1) We will start by disabling FTP, MS SQL and MySQL systematically as needed to copy your files to the new platform. This will ensure your website is online for the maximum amount of time. After moving your files we will re-enable the existing site. Any changes made to your site at that point will not be reflected when the site is officially on the new platform. For database driven websites like DNN, we highly suggest you post a "website unavailable" start page to your website **TODAY**. We are unable to do this for you. See instructions below.

2) IMPORTANT EMAIL NOTICE: As we mentioned previously, we will NOT be transferring individual email items stored on the server. We will transfer your email accounts though. We highly suggest you download your email to your local desktop ASAP. You should continue to download your email until we announce the end of the migration.

POP3 Settings:,6
MS Outlook:,6

3) THIRD-PARTY DNS SERVER USERS: If you have informed us that you are using 3rd Party DNS servers, we will contact you as soon as possible with the appropriate DNS information you will need. At some point on FRIDAY JUNE 29th we will start Stage 3 of the migration. Barring any issues, we will be making the DNS transfer that will solidify the move to the new servers. You should make your DNS changes at the same time when we announce Stage 3.

4) PASSWORD PROTECTED DIRECTORIES: If you have used the control panel to implement a password protected directory it is advisable to rename that directory or remove the protected content temporarily **TODAY**. Once your account has been migrated, you can then re-implement the password protection. NOTE: DNN users (or the like) this does not apply to you. Your application has built-in password protection.

Website Unavailable Page Instructions:

1) Download and unzip the file here:

2) Place the migration.html file in the WWWROOT folder of your website via FTP. It will automatically take precedence over other pages.

3) The page WILL NOT appear automatically until TOMORROW morning. You can test it by going to: ""

* Please feel free to make changes to the content of the page, but please do not rename it.

Please initiate the changes described **TODAY**. Thank you again for your patience.

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