Sucuri Security Service Control Panel

  • Tuesday, 7th June, 2022
  • 12:21pm

We have recently upgraded the EPhost Sucuri Control Panel giving you access to even more tools to manage your account. 

New Features:

  • New formatting and improved UI.
  • Add URLS to be whitelisted/blacklisted.
  • Add non-cache URLS to prevent them from being cached.
  • Add emails to receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports.
  • View Audit Trail and see Hack Attempts.
  • See if you have been blacklisted by a number of 3rd party websites
  • Added Advanced Setting to block top Attacker Country.
  • Added Advanced Setting enable or disable caching.
  • Added Advanced Setting to Restrict WP admin access.

You can still, you can still whitelist your IP, clear cache, and set advanced settings. 

Sucuri Audit Trail

Sucuri Audit Trail Detail



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