New Website and Logo

  • Monday, 6th April, 2009
  • 15:11pm

In case you are curious, yes, that's me on the main page! It's amazing to think that I have been working with some of you for over 10 years, but you may not have ever seen me. That's going to change, as I am committed to bringing web hosting information to you using technologies such as video and web conferencing.

EPhost New Website:

I am using "Green Screen" technology to overlay the video over the main image. The video was shot and produced by Robert Ballo and his company, GOAL Productions, in Pasadena, California. They specialize in award-winning high-definition digital productions for corporate and broadcast clients worldwide. In post-production, the video was edited by father and son duo-- Griff Partington, who works at Goal, and Michael Partington.

GOAL Productions:

Several people have already asked how the website was developed and if we are using a content management system. I am proud to say that we created the site using standards-based HTML/XHTML, and of course, ColdFusion. While not new, standards based HTML/XHTML is the current way websites should be developed. It's primary purpose is to separate the layout and design from the content using CSS. This is a key in producing websites that look good in print, as well as, on both your browser or your mobile phone. We are not using a content management system on the site, but have employed ColdFusion in several key places to pull in dynamic content from our databases.

I still have plenty of new content to create for the website, as several pages are still being developed. Additionally, we'll be adding a blog and many new flash-based web hosting video tutorials to assist you with your website and for learning about recent online trends and technology.

We hope that you enjoy the new website and appreciate your comments.

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