Server Upgrade Clarification

  • Thursday, 7th May, 2009
  • 15:08pm

1) The servers that are being upgraded are shared web hosting servers. These servers are used to host customer websites on our shared web hosting program. If you have the Personal, Professional, Business or Corporate plans-- you are on a shared web hosting plan.

2) Dedicated server customers use completely different web servers and are NOT affected in any way during the upgrade. Likewise, other services like email, statistics, DNS, MS SQL, and MySQL also reside on completely different services and as such are NOT affected in any way during the upgrade.

3) If you have more than one website, it is likely they are on different shared web hosting servers and will be upgraded at different times as announced by email and in the support section of our website.
4) Lastly, to determine which server hosts your website, please follow these steps to view the web server ID. The Web Server ID corresponds to a specific shared hosting server (e.g. EP16). If that server was announced as being upgraded, then that domain's website will be upgraded. Please repeat the process for your other domains if you host multiple websites. See number 3 above.

• Login to the control panel.
• Check on Domains.
• Click on the domain name in question.
• Click Website Settings
• View Web Server ID. e.g. EP16
• Repeat Steps for other domains.

5) FTP access is unavailable overnight while we upgrade a particular shared web server. This means you will not be able to upload or download files from your website during the upgrade window if your website is located on that server. See number 4 above. We do this to make sure that files do not change as they are being copied to the new server.

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