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A module allows you to quickly and easily add custom content to your web site or portal.


Bonosoft - Multi Page Content

Module Name: Multipage Content

Author Name: Bonosoft

Author Web:


Bonosoft - Multi Page Content is able to show multiple pages of content inside a single module. The pages are normal Text/Html pages that can be edited in a normal form text area box, or with the wysiwyg graphical editor (free text editor) which comes bundled with your DotNetNuke installation.



Module Name: MyBlog

Author Name: Michael Trefry

Author Web:


MyBlog allows you to easily host your own blog on your site.




Module Name: TTTGallery

Author Name: TTTCompany

Author Web:


TTTGallery allows you post a photo gallery online for your users.


Yet Another Forum .NET

Module Name: Yet Another Forum .NET

Author Name: YetAnotherForum.NET

Author Web:


Yet Another Forum .NET allows you add discussion forums to your web site that your users can participate in.

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