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Our servers are modified to allow HTTP file uploads up to a 10MB limit. A word of caution: 1) Anything over 10MB is generally too long and tedious for customers to bother with uploading via HTTP. You should be using FTP. The speed of the upload depends on many things including the users ISP. Most ISPs give more bandwidth to downloads thn uploads so this may slow the upload process. This may cause the user to retry their request prematurely, if too many requests are initiated and it slows the server their requests will be terminated. 2) It is REQUIRED that you make a substantial effort to ensure:

A) The user does not upload anything that is dangerous. For instance, if they are supposed to be uploading images only .jpg,.gif etc. should be the only extensions allowed. B) That the upload tool is behind a password protected area. This simple procedure will ensure that "Joe Hacker" doesn't accidentially find this tool. It should be restricted as much as possible.

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