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This document is designed to show you how to add or edit FTP accounts to access your website. We recommend that you give out individual FTP accounts for each person who needs access. The best practice is to give only the necessary permissions. You may add as many FTP accounts as your account allows.


  1. Login to your web hosting account.
  2. Click the Control Panel button next to the hosting plan you wish to edit.
  3. This will log you into the control panel automatically.
  4. Click the FTP Icon.
  5. Click then specific FTP account or the "Create New FTP" button.
  6. Complete the necessary fields and save.


Note: The Home Folder is the directory folder your FTP will start from. This account will only have access to that folder and below. Using the default "\" means that the FTP account will have access to all of your websites. We recommend limiting access to a particular website and sub-folder. You need to put your cursor in the field to select a directory.


Your FTP Information would then be:

  • Host: ""
  • User: The username you just created.
  • Pass: The password they just created.
  • Port: 21
  • Passive Transfers: Enabled
  • Starting Directory: (leave blank optionally)


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