Frankland Migration – Delayed

  • 30th June 2007
All services on the old Frankland system are currently operational with the exception of FTP and the control panel. If you have elected to place a “website unavailable” page online, it is better you keep it there rather than your data being out of synch with our migrated copy of your data. We will be actively resuming the migration in ...
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Frankland Migration – Stage 3 Starting Late Tonight

  • 29th June 2007
1) LAST CHANCE FOR STORED EMAIL: This is your final chance to get any stored email from the old servers. Please download any old messages by POP3 you may wish to keep. Sometime within 24 hours after we initiate the DSN change, your website and visitors and email will be directed to the new servers in San Diego. Due to the nature of DNS, we cannot ...
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EPhost Control Panel

  • 28th June 2007

Please accept our apologies in advance for these issues.

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Frankland Migration Notice- Stage 2 Starting Tomorrow

  • 27th June 2007
1) We will start by disabling FTP, MS SQL and MySQL systematically as needed to copy your files to the new platform. This will ensure your website is online for the maximum amount of time. After moving your files we will re-enable the existing site. Any changes made to your site at that point will not be reflected when the site is officially on ...
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