EPhost: Power Maintenance

  • 4th February 2007
EPhost: Power Maintenance - Downtime ExpectedAs part of our on-going commitment to providing quality service to our customers we are implementing some enhancements to our redundant power system. PLEASE NOTE:On Sunday February 4, 2007 from 8:00pm to 12:00am PST, there will be two 20-30 minute network outages due to an upgrade to our power systems. ...
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Web Schedules / Scheduled Tasks Now Available

  • 11th January 2007
We have recently upgraded your web hosting control panel to include Web Schedules. This new feature gives you the ability to easily schedule a recurring task to execute (run), on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, a local script or web page. Using the Crontabs, to use a *nix term, you can specify exact times you would like the script to be run. ...
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Form Spam and Blog Comment Moderation

  • 28th November 2006
The proliferation of blogs and web based contact forms, combined with developments in spam software over the last couple of years, have made it quite easy for spammers to submit advertising messages via your web based forms. This may include, your website's contact form or/and through unmoderated blog comment forms. Here at EPhost Web Hosting we ...
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New and Improved Support Center

  • 21st October 2006
The new support center will assist you finding the information you need as well as help us respond to your support requests.You can submit support requests two ways.1) Submit a Ticket Online (recommended- any priority)2) Emailing “support (at)” (low priority requests).You should raise a support ticket for questions regarding ...
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