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Here are some common reasons for being unable to access your Virtual Machine (VM) after it has been created. You can ALWAYS access your VM using the Web Based "Console" feature when viewing your VM details in the control panel. 


Cloud Account Firewall

Your cloud control panel is open to all IP addresses by default. However, if you did not wait the requisite 30 seconds a new whitelist is created and your current IP address added. So, if your IP address has changed since the last time you logged in you might get locked out. Please open a support ticket to have it cleared for you or send yuour current IP address and we will add it to the account for you.

Cloud Firewall 

Your VM has an internal firewall. By default, the it is set to allow traffic to the server but if you modified the rules you may have inadvertently blocked yourself. Please login to the clod control panel in your account and edit the firewall. This can be found under the VM overview page under Networking >> Firewall.

IP Addresses

After creating your virtual server you will be given an internal IP address for your server. This address is not globally routable and you will not be able to use it to get to your server from home. You will need to convert the IP address to one of our outside IP addresses. Each internal IP is mapped automatically to an globally routable "outside or external" IP address. You CAN use this IP to get to your server.

To determine your outside/external IP address you would follow this pattern on a one to one basis:

192.168.1.X = 64.87.24.X or
192.168.3.X = 64.87.23.X or
64.87.24.X = 64.87.24.X

For example, if your assigned internal VM IP address is you need to use the outside/external IP of If your IP address is you need to use the outside/external IP of

Licensing Key Not Generated or Activated

Sometimes when a VM that requires licensing is created, a key is generated and installed on the server automatically. In the case of Windows the key is also "activated" by sending the usage data to Microsoft. Sometimes, the activation process during VM creation does not complete or the key is never generated in the first place. Since you are allowed 3 days prior to activation some users may not be aware of this and are suddenly unable to access their server via Remote Desktop. In this case, use the "Console" feature described above and activate the license under the Server Properties menu. In other cases where the key is never generated in the first place you will know because you cannot get to the machine via Remote Desktop. If this is the case, you will need to send an email to or delete the VM from your account and try again.

Account Suspension or Termination

If you have an outstanding balance in your account, your account may have been suspended. Please login to your account, review your account, make a payment if necessary, and your account (and VM) should reactivate again automatically. If not, please send an email to and we will get it fixed up for you. If your account has been terminated, in the case of extreme past due accounts, your VM will have been removed from the system which cannot be recovered.


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