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Our Cloud OnDemand service is an hourly pricing model for the Virtual Machines (VMs) in your account. Pricing is determined by the amount of resources used and charged on the last day of the month. Pricing for an individual VM can be seen on the VM overview page of the cloud control panel. Your account also includes daily statistics on the "View Details" page of your ACCOUNT for an exact breakdown of fees.

Our Half-Hypervisor and Full-Hypervisor option is a dedicated cloud Hypervisor (HV) server for which you are charged a flat monthly fee.

  • A Half-Hypervisor means that you will share a private hypervisor (server) with ONE other company where you will both have half the amount of resources in a guaranteed CPU/RAM format.
  • A Full-Hypervisor means that the entire hypervisor (server) will be yours to use as you need. You may have additional HVs for fail-over or expansion as well.
  • A Private Cloud consists of a minimum of two Full-Hypervisors with a private control server to create your own your own private cloud infrastructure. 

In both these situations you may add an unlimited number of virtual servers given the set of resources available to you. You are given 6 basic Windows Server licenses on the Half-Hypervisor and 12 for the Full-Hypervisor/Private Cloud. Additional Windows Licensing can be purchased from your account. 

In all pricing models bandwidth is free for incoming requests so you will only pay for outbound traffic. Additionally, we do not charge for In Out Operations per Second (IOPS) also known as Data Read and Data Writes. 


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