How to Change File and Folder Permissions in Windows Print

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Understanding the server setups for permissions



EPhost's Windows Hosting plans the servers run on the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) web server. On a Windows based system, changing permissions is different and generally performed at the server level. Permissions in Windows are handled by IIS, NTFS, and sometimes by the language itself (e.g. .NET, ColdFusion, PHP). Collectively we sometimes refer to them as Windows permissions but all must work together to achieve a result.


Typically at EPhost, the permissions we have setup by default are usually sufficient for most applications in PHP, ColdFusion or .NET. However, occasionally changes to Windows permissions are needed.


For example, marking special files as "Read Only" for enhanced security of important configuration files, or enabling IIS "Write" permissions for the anonymous user, or changes to the NetworkService account for which most website's IIS Application Pools run under.


If you have a specific need to changes permissions, please be sure to let us know what you are trying to accomplish (or what specific error you are receiving) so that we can work to set the permissions accordingly.



CHMOD'ing files (e.g. 755) is for Linux based systems and can be done using your FTP client.




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