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Upgrade DotNetNuke to latest version.

If you would like to perform a DNN upgrade yourself it's pretty easy. Please use the instructions below to upgrade your DNN. You may want to request a backup of your database and/or files by sending an email to


Warning: It is possible to damage your DNN install. If you have a very old version of DNN, you might not want to consider doing this. You should also check with the providers of any custom modules you may have installed also check to be sure your template won't break. Otherwise, be sure you have a backup of your files and MS SQL DB.


  1. Make a backup of all of the files in the WWWROOT folder (assuming that's where DNN is installed). If you know how, make a backup of your MS SQL database.
  2. Rename your web.config to from the WWWROOT folder. Replace date with today's date. e.g. web.080807.config.
  3. Download and extract the latest DNN release. You'll want to make sure you get the "Upgrade" version and not the whole install version.
  4. Upload all the files into your WWWROOT folder, assuming that's where DNN is installed. You will be overwriting some files which is OK and expected.
  5. Rename release.config to web.config in the WWWROOT folder.
  6. Open your old web.config file and your new web.config file. You will need to copy over the following values. I don't have examples of these values but they are pretty clear.
  7. Your SQL connection string details (there are 2 places). You only need to bring over the values.
  8. Your Machine Validation Key and Decryption key.
  9. Do a search for "owner" and copy over the DB Owner value. Do not change it though.
  10. Open your website in a browser using one of your normal portal aliases and follow the prompts until it says: "Upgrade Complete".


If you get an error check the values you copied over. Make sure they are correct. If necessary open web.config and do a search for "error". Change the value from "RemoteOnly" to "Off". Then open the site and view the error message. By default DNN won't display error messages to the screen so you need to do this to see what problems are happening. When you are finished you need to put it back to "RemoteOnly" for security reasons. If you still can't figure out the problem, then remove the existing files and restore from the backup you took. If you think that your DB was changed (you'll see during the upgrade process) you may need to request a restore of your DB from


That's it!


Please remember, we do not provide ongoing support or troubleshooting for your DNN install or for extending your install with modules. We will help perform upgrades when full releases are available. We don't upgrade to beta releases.


Please refer to the DNN site to for reference, resources and modules.

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