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Extra Feature Notification


This page gives an example 'Extra Feature Notification' for resellers to use in the Helm control Panel.


The Extra Feature Notification is sent when your customer adds or deletes extra features such as disk space, bandwidth, or a static IP.


This is the template we use for our customers at EPHost, and should serve you well.


To get to the Extra Feature Notification form:

  1. Log into the EPHost control panel (http://cp.ephost.com)
  2. Click the 'Account Settings' icon
  3. Click the 'Extra Feature Notification' icon
  4. After modifying the wanted fields, click the 'Save' button




Example: 'Extra Feature Notification'


Subject: Your Order of [ExtraFeatureDescription]


Message Body:


Dear [UserFirstName] [UserLastName],


[ExtraFeatureQuantity] x [ExtraFeatureDescription] has been [IfAdded]added[/IfAdded] [IfRemoved]removed[/IfRemoved].


Support has been notified of your order. If any additional action is required by our engineers, you can expect a response within 24 hours.



Sales Team

Your Web Hosting Company


Send via Email From: Enable this check box and specify a valid email address in order to send the notification by email.


Send Copy To The Following Email Address: Enable this check box and specify a valid email address to receive a copy of this notification.

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