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Welcome Message


This page gives an example 'Welcome Message' for resellers to use in the Helm control Panel.


The Welcome Message is sent to new users via email (if specified) when thier account is activated.


This is the template we use for our customers at EPHost, and should serve you well.


To get to the Welcome Message form:

  1. Log into the EPHost control panel (http://cp.ephost.com)
  2. Click the 'Account Settings' icon
  3. Click the 'User Settings' icon
  4. Click the 'Welcome Message' icon
  5. After modifying the fields, click the 'Save' button




Welcome Message Example


Subject: New Account


Message Body:


Dear [UserFirstName] [UserLastName],


Thank you for choosing EPHost for your Web hosting needs. We look forward to working with you to make sure you get the most of your account, and we wish you success with your online venture.


To access your account with the Control Panel, use the following information:

URL: http://cp.ephost.com

Login: [UserAccountNumber]

Password: [UserAccountPassword]


If you have any questions concerning your new account, please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your business,

Sales Team





Send via Email From: Enable this check box and specify a valid email address in order to send the notification by email.


Send Copy To The Following Email Address: Enable this check box and specify a valid email address to receive a copy of this notification.

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