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Resetting database and user passwords:

The password for a MS SQL or MYSQL database can be reset from the Control Panel on a Windows hosting Plan. A MS Access Database doesn't not have a username or password to login. MySQL database on a Linux Plan can be changed through the cPanel. 

Likewise, you can add a new username and password.



(databases can be MS SQL, MySQL or MS Access)

  1. Login to 'Account Center'.
  2. Click the green 'Control Panel' button.
  3. Click or search 'Databases'.
  4. Click which database type you want to modify.
  5. Select database or user.

WARNING: Be careful, if the username or password doesn't match your website application, you could break the website. Check with your web developer first.



(databases are only MySQL)

  1. Login to 'Account Center'.
  2. Click the green 'Control Panel' button.
  3. In the 'Database' section click on "MySQL Databases"
  4. Rename the Database in the "Modify Databases" by simply clicking on "Rename"
  5. Renaming or changing the password of a User is done under the "Current Users" area, find the user and make the choice of function to preform.




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