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Important IP addresses to make note of:

The following is a list of important IP addresses may need when using our service. For security reasons, we employ a NAT firewall configuration which means that a particular globally routable external IP (64.87.x.x) maps to a particular internal IP (192.168.x.x). You should also note, that our services are distributed among many different servers. So your websites and our services may be on completely different servers. If you have a dedicated IP, and you wish to connect locally to your other website, you will need to use the internal IP translation for your assigned dedicated IP. If you don't know it, please contact or open a support ticket.


Internal IPs: You should use the internal IPs when connecting to one of our services in your code. e.g A DB connection string or DSN.

External IP: You should use the external IPs when connecting remotely from your local computer. e.g Using MS SQL Management Studio.


EPhost Name Servers:

General (Shared Services)


Linux (cPanel)



Windows (Plesk)




Additional Settings and information

SSL encrypted email is highly recommended as this will ensure your sensitive data is transmitted to its destination securely.


POP3 Port: 995
SMTP Port: 465
IMAP Port: 993

Type of Encrypted Connection: SSL (Windows)
Secure Password: Unchecked (Windows)
SMTP Authentication: Checked ** (Windows)
Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL): Checked (Mac OSX)
Authentication: Password (Mac OSX)
Outgoing Mail Server: Use Authentication / Username is Full Email (Mac OSX)


Also SeeEmail Settings POP3 / IMAP | Check email online | Email Troubleshooting | Adding an email to your hosting account WINDOWS / LINUX

Contact Support

If you are still having issues, please contact us for further help.
1-877-EPHOST1 |



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