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Offsite email services are services provided by those that specialize in email systems such as Office365, GSuite and Microsoft Exchange.  They can be used with any of EPhost's plans whether it be Windows or Linux hosting.

If you would like to add additional MX records to your DNS Zone, you can do so from your Control Panel (Windows or Linux). Ephosts' email services are robust for our shared hosting customers, there is rarely a that our shared hosting customers use outside specialized email services, unless there is a specific reason to do so, or when a shared customer is not using our email service (e.g. they have their own in-house mail servers or using Google Email).

When editing your DNS zone, it is important that the new record(s) have an MX Priority that is higher than the current priority (if it is to be used as a backup mail server). This way, the record with the lowest number (primary mail server) will be used first. The record with the highest number will be used last (backup mail server). You can make these changes and view the current priority via your EPhost Control Panel or via the Linux cPanel Zone Editor.

A few caveats:

  1. Review "Adding and Editing MX Records" in our Knowledge Based for detailed instructions and special notes on how to set up an MX record properly.
  2. Incorrect settings will cause a loss of email/service.
  3. Setting a "high priority" will only be helpful as a backup mail server, when the preferred mail server is completely dead or unresponsive. Most of the time this is not the problem. Usually a problem is in delivery of mail, when the email spool "queue to send" is over loaded.
  4. You'll need to setup the backup mail server to accept mail for these domains. Usually this mean having to do an open-reply or try to keep each server synched up. If you do an open-relay it will be found by spammers and used against you. We suggest using SmarterMail as it can be configured as a special backup mail server (not sure if you can do remotely though) without having to do an open-relay.

Special Circumstances:

If you are pointing your MX record to a domain other than the domain you are currently editing, you will NEED to contact Refer to "Adding and Editing MX Records" in our Knowledge Based for detailed instructions and special notes.


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