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All EPhost email accounts include anti-spam email. Email is scanned by an internal layer of anti-spam software called 'SPAM-Assassin'. Emails are scanned using an intelligent email filtering system with a diverse range of tests to identify spam.

Understanding and FILTERING SPAM using cPanel - This article applies to Linux email hosting ONLY.

SPAM-Assassin must be turned on for your account and that is done in your cPanel in the email section under the Spam-Assassin section. There the 'spam score' can be set to remove email, white list emails or blacklist email domains.

Please note that Spam-Assassin is constantly learning what spam is and what is not spam on the server. EPhost has put in to place RBL's (Remote Blacklists) to verify legitimate spam. These lists are managed by a large community of systems and email administrators and are one of the best and most effective tools for fighting spam.



  1. You can easily whitelist important email addresses so they are not check for spam
  2. Conversely, you can further 'tighten' the spam restrictions to your preference.
  3. You can completely disable the anti-spam options.


General Notes:

Messages between users of the same domain are generally NOT filtered. However, if you are not sending mail through our mail servers then it is recommended you whitelist internal users. Our Anti-Virus Protection is still in effect and we also have some Banned File Extensions (KB on Banned Extensions). We do not allow EXE's or password protected (EZIP) files to be sent by email. Senders will be notified with a way to send such files by email safely. Finally, Messages in your Junk Email folder will be auto-cleaned when they reach 10MB. The oldest messages will be removed until the folder is at or under 2MB. Depending on the size of the messages being sent this is about 300-500+ message.


How to SET UP EMail Filters in the cPanel 

  1. Login to your account
  2. Press the Green Button "Control Panel"
  3. Scroll down to the "EMAIL" section
  4. Click on "Email Filter"
  5. Click on "Manage Filters" for the Account you wish to add an email filter to
  6. Click on "Create Filter"
    Type in a Name that makes sense to the type of Filter you are creating
  7. Under the "RULES" Section
    Click on "FROM", choose the type of filter (i.e. from, subject, to, reply, body, etc...)
    NOTE 1: To filter all mail that SpamAssassin has marked as spam, just choose “Spam Status” and “begins with”, then enter “Yes” in the box.
    NOTE 2: To filter all mail that SpamAssassin has marked with a spam score of 5.0 or greater, choose Spam Bar and contains, then enter “+++++” in the box (Note: If you wanted to match a spam score of 4, you would use ++++`. A spam score of 3 would be +++, etc).
  8. Click on "Contains", choose what type of match or how much information to match (i.e. equals, contains, begins with, ends with, etc...)
    In the box under type in the content you want to match on i.e. ""
  9. Click on "Actions
    NOTE: You can
    - Discard the Message
    - Redirect the email (to another email)
    - Fail with message
    - Deliver to Folder
  10. Click on "Create"


Whitelisting options using Spam Assassin:

SPAM-Assassin can set up a whitelist or blacklist for the entire domains email. Whitelisting an email address or domain will allow those addresses to bypass our anti-spam filters. You will need to perform these steps from your online web mail account. Login to your account, then visit your cPanel by clicking on the Green Button marked "Control Panel". From there you can go to the 'Email' Section, look for "SpamAssassin". Make sure it is 'enabled', if not, click on the button to enable it. At the bottom of the page will be a blue button that states "Configure Apache SpamAssassin". Clicking on that button will allow you to add emails to either the blacklist for those you don't want to see email from or whitelist to make sure you do receive the emails from your contact.


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