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How to migrate from Windows Hosting to Linux Hosting.
Posted by Tegan King on 25 July 2016 09:10 AM


Please use this article to learn how to migrate from Windows Hosting to Linux Hosting for better PHP driven website performance.

If you want to migrate all to one of the Linux plans:

  1. Choose and Purchase your new Linux Hosting Plan
  2. Migrate websites files by FTP, database and create emails*
  3. Update DNS with your Domain name Registrar to point to new name servers
  4. Test your website for full operation
  5. Put in request to close old account


*If you want to migrate websites to Linux plans but keep mail on SmarterMail:

  1. Choose and Purchase your new Linux Hosting Plan
  2. Migrate websites files by FTPdatabase and create emails
  3. Update DNS in the Windows control panel and point WWW and @ to Linux
    server IP for your domains.
  4. Put in request to convert Windows plan to Shared Services Pro ($5.00 mo -
    10 Domains) *
  5. Update Linux MX records to use remote mail exchanger (
  6. Use new Shared Service Pro for DNS and email management and Linux for
    website management

This will delete your Windows websites and databases so please be sure the
new websites are ready before requesting.



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