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Having statistics on your website can provide valuable insight to where potential opportunities may lie as well as issues that may need addressing to optimize the performance of your website.

NOTE: We use multiple control panel systems at EPhost to manage domains and servers. Please follow the appropriate instructions below depending on type of control panel you have installed on your account. To determine which control panel you are using, please login to your account, view the "Control Panel Logins" from the "Account Overview" screen and you will find the name of the control panel.

Windows Hosting Only:

  1. Login to your Account
  2. Click on the green 'Control Panel' button
  3. Hover over the 'Web' Icon, Click 'Advanced Web Statistics'
  4. Click on the 'Add Statistics Site' button
  5. Select the 'Web site' from the drop down list (if more than one)
  6. Enter the Information in all the boxes for a new user [Username, Password, First Name, Last Name]
  7. Click 'Add User'
  8. Click 'Add Site'

NOTE: It may take some time for your statistics service to begin working as your log files need to be imported first. 


No need to "setup" statistics, they are all ready configured to gather information the day your account goes live. SEE HOW to access them at the "How can I view my statistics" Knowledge base article under Linux


Also See: ALL Statistics Service Articles | Email Settings POP3 / IMAP | Check email online | Email Troubleshooting | Adding an email to your hosting account WINDOWS / LINUX

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