How to Make a Great Website for Under $100!

Categories Web Design

Are you a local business in need of a website? Do you want to travel and blog your adventures? Who said it had to be expensive? Here are the simple recommendations to build a website for $100, or less. Most argue this task is impossible, I disagree. If you are in need of a simple website to get your point across, $100 or less will get you there.

The best way to go about starting a website, is to develop a clear vision of your website. Make sure to have outlines, pictures and designs ready It’s important to have your material prepared before you purchase your website name and hosting to ensure efficient development of the website.

Once prepared to start your website, it is time for you to buy your domain. Choosing a domain name is challenging but once you’ve decided on one, purchasing it is a simple process. The price will vary depending on the name you want. At EPhost we have flexible web hosting plans, providing affordable options for your website. The simplest way to create your website at a cost less rate is to download a content management system (CMS). Magento, Joomla, and WordPress are a few examples. We do not recommend using a website builder tool for they are often proprietary and usually cannot be transferred to any other hosting provider due to copyright issues. The only support is from the provider of the tool. But if you use an open-source content management system, you have tens of thousands of public forums to get help.

Once you have decided on your CMS, you can choose from thousands of pre-made website templates that can range from free to $100. Depending on  your vison for your company, you can choose any template you feel is best (or affordable). The templates are easy to work with and if you ever get stuck, YouTube is an easy and free option to help you along the way. They offer videos on how to make specific modifications to your content management system. Also, on our EPhost website in our knowledgebase, we have many helpful tutorials on how to install themes and plugins, tips and tricks, information regarding social media, and much more to help you along your way.

Creating a website takes time, but it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you too much money. If you are a small business or want a website for personal business, $100 will get you there.