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If you have a need to redirect your entire website to another hosted domain, without having to use a Virtual Directory, remove the site and re-add it as a Domain Alias, or without having to use our 301/302 Redirect Code, you can use Web Forwarding on your Windows Web Hosting Account

To Enable and Configure Web Forwarding 

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the green 'Control Panel' button
  3. Hover over the 'Web' Icon and Click "Web Sites"
  4. Click on website you would like web forwarding
  5. Select the option to "Redirection to URL"
  6. Enter the New URL
  7. Choose, if any, options you may need 


  • Redirect all requests to exact destination (instead of relative to destination)
  • Only redirect requests to content in this directory (not sub-directories)
  • Enable permanent redirect


Redirect all requests to exact destination

If Exact URL is ticked then whenever anyone visits a page on this domain, they will be sent to that URL. If it is not ticked, the visitor will be sent to the same page on the redirect url. For example if you enter "www.somedomain.com/fred" into the URL, and a visitor visits /page1.htm the visitor will be redirected to "www.somedomain.com/fred/page1.htm"

Only redirect requests to content in this directory

If this option, only content in this directory will be redirected, all other URLs will remain.

Enable permanent redirect

Permanent Redirection: (Also See: 301/302 Redirect Code for a better option)

If ticked, a visitors browser received a 301 Permanant Redirect instead of a 302 Temporary Redirect status message. Leave it off if you are unsure what this means.


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