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You can password protect folders in your website from un-authorized visitors.

Create Secure Folders on a Windows Hosting Plan:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the green 'Control Panel' button
  3. Hover over the 'Web' Icon and Click on 'Web Sites'
  4. Select a Website
  5. Select "Secure Folders" tab.
  6. Click "Enable Secure Folders" button

NOTE: By installing secure folders, a new directory and a file called .htaccess will be automatically created in the web site. If you delete that folder or the file you will loose the secure directory.

You are now ready to configure the secure folders on your Windows Hosting Plan:

  1. You now need to set up a user account that will be able to access password protected folders that you set up on this domain. Click the "Users" button.
  2. Choose "Add New". You now need to choose a username and password that you will enter in future when you get prompted to access your protected folders.

    NOTE: You cannot have a space in the User name. This is due to the way that Windows user accounts work. In the above example, "User1 John" would not work, but "User1-John" or "User1_John" is fine.

  3. Click "Save" to save this user. You can add as many users as you like. When done, go back to the main screen.
  4. Now you have your users set up, select "Folders" from the Secure Folders menu.
  5. Click "Add New" to add a new directory that you wish to password protect.
  6. You will be prompted to add the path from the wwwroot folder to the folder that you wish to protect. If you know the path, you can type it manually. Alternatively, using the folder search tool (highlighted) will open a small window and let you select the folder by clicking it:
  7. Click "Save" to save the protection on this folder. Now you need to select the users/groups that you wish to have access to this folder. Click the created folder, and you will be taken to this screen:
  8. To add individual users, click "Add New" under the Allowed Users section. As with groups, you can select available users to add to the folder:
  9. Click "Save" to save these settings:


To remove all protection and user rights granted to a particular folder, simply choose that folder to get taken to the above Update Secure Folder screen, and click "Delete".


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