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A Name Server maps domain names to IP addresses. It is similar to a phone book or how the post office knows what person belongs to which address.  It is a necessary system because words are easier for people to remember than a series of numbers.

There are several Global Domain Name System (DNS) servers which forward requests for a domain name to smaller network specific DNS / Name Servers. A request for a particular domain is first looked-up on one of the Global DNS servers, which in turn will "forward" the request to the DNS server that is specified as Authoritative for a particular domain. These are the name servers you specify with your domain name registration. That DNS server will then forward the request to the specific IP address of that web site or web server.

The above definition, is a simplistic view of the Domain Name System which is more complex. When you register a domain name you will need to specify the Name Servers that are responsible for your domain.

NOTE: After you register your new domain name it can take between 12-36 hours before all global DNS servers know about it's existence and location.


EPhost Windows Plans:

All Windows Hosting Plans. 

Nameserver 1 : NS1.EPHOST.COM

Nameserver 2 : NS2.EPHOST.COM


EPhost Linux Plans

Name Servers are specific to the shared server you are using. Please see your account Welcome Email for details or contact support if you no longer have a copy of it. 



 * Replace "SERVER-ID" with the ID of the server you are using. e.g. 121, 167, 168, 169


Important Note:

If you are updating your domain name to use EPhost name servers, and you have existing email accounts associated with that domain, you will need to create new corresponding email accounts in your hosting account here before updating name servers. Otherwise, if this step is skipped, loss of email will result. If you need help setting up the new email accounts, please contact support@ephost.com and our support staff will assist you. In this case, please make sure you do not make this change until you have first setup your email accounts (if applicable).


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