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The question might be poised as, "How important is my brand, product, company or service?"  If the answer is very important, then we would suggest getting the top level domains to help isolate your brand, product, company or service.  That being ".COM", ".NET", & ".ORG".

Alternatively you could consult with legal counsel on doing a registered trademark on your brand, product, company or service.  Fully registered trademarks can certainly help obtain, keep and dispute these domain names, but are beyond the scope of this article.

However, if the domain is in existence and is currently functioning as a website (not a parking page) but NOT trademark, it might be hard to secure that domain if you later obtained the trademark after the fact.

Again this is more of a legal question, however if the names are available for purchase get them before announcing your brand, product, company or service to the world.


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