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'Pointing a Domain' vs 'Transferring a Domain', there are some distinctions.

Transferring a domain: is a change to the provider of your domain name registration. When transferring your domain to EPhost, we now become your domain name registration provider and you will renew your domain through us. Many customers do this to make management of their domain name registration easier.

Pointing your domain to EPhost: You are telling your existing domain name registrar (e.g. GoDaddy) where your website is hosted (EPhost). Technically speaking this is called changing your Name Server records.

Generally speaking, your domain (name) MUST be pointed to EPhost to function properly. Contact your domain name registration provider directly and ask them to change your domain's name server records to the ones below.


EPhost Windows Plans (all)

Nameserver 1 : NS1.EPHOST.COM

Nameserver 2 : NS2.EPHOST.COM

Nameserver 3 : NS3.EPHOST.COM

Nameserver 4 : NS4.EPHOST.COM


EPhost Linux Plans

Name Servers are specific to the shared server you are using. Please see your account Welcome Email for details or contact support if you no longer have a copy of it. 

Nameserver 1 : NS1.SERVER-ID.EPHOST.COM   (ex. ns1.ep168.ephost.com)


 * Replace "SERVER-ID" with the ID of the server you are using. e.g. EP121, EP167, EP168, EP169

 * EPhost 'Important IP Addresses' knowledge base, always has full up to date information.


Important Note:

If you are updating your domain name to use EPhost name servers and you have existing email accounts associated with that domain, you will need to create new corresponding email accounts in your hosting account here before updating name servers. Otherwise, if this step is skipped, loss of email will result. If you need help setting up the new email accounts, please contact support@ephost.com and our support staff will assist you. In this case, please make sure you do not make this change until you have first setup your email accounts (if applicable).


Also See: Domain & DNS KB articles | Email Settings POP3 / IMAP | Check email online | Email Troubleshooting | Adding an email to your hosting account WINDOWS / LINUX

Contact Support

If you are still having issues, please contact us for further help.
1-877-EPHOST1 | support@ephost.com



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