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EPhost has many programming and scripting languages available through it's hosting plans.  Our WINDOWS hosting plans have the availability of Cold Fusion, Railo, Classic ASP, .NET1 and .NET2, PHP, and PERL/CGI.  Our LINUX hosting plans are strictly PHP.

Depending on which WINDOWS hosting plan you have requested / purchased, you may need to Turn ON or OFF the scripting / programming support for ASP, ASP.NET, PHP or PER/CGI.  If you require Cold Fusion, you must request a server with it installed, not all of our WINDOWS hosting plans have Cold Fusion or the open source Railo.

You may enable or disable these languages as needed. For security reasons we suggest disabling scripting languages that are not needed. It is possible to use more than one scripting language per website however.



  1. Login to your Account Center
  2. Click the green 'Control Panel' button
  3. Hover over "WEB" and Click "Web Sites"
  4. Click website you would like to enable feature
  5. Navigate to the Extensions Tab
    1. Enable / Disable ASP, ASP.NET, PHP or PERL/CGI
  6. Navigate to the ColdFusion Tab
    1. Enable / Diable Cold Fusion
  7. Click on 'Update'


Please Note: You can remove/uninstall settings by un-checking the relevant boxes, then clicking "Update".


* If you enable Classic ASP we suggest you also check the box above to enable Parent Paths as it may be needed for legacy applications.


IMPORTANT NOTE: ASP.NET1 or .NET2 users should note that we operate in a Medium Trust environment which means your scripts may not work correctly if they attempt to use some of the more advanced features for these languages. This is for security reasons and for everyone's benefit. Please attempt to work within Medium Trust by consulting your .NET documentation for solutions. There are very few applications that truly require a higher level of trust than medium. This will keep your application cleaner and portable. We will enable a higher level of trust, as needed, on a case-by-case basis.


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