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In order to provide you with the best possible service, we limit the amount of emails that can be sent through our mail server within a specific period of time. Please note our Terms of Service regarding bulk email / spam, as they are rather stiff. We do not allow unsolicited emails (or even Opt-In) to be sent through our system. You may send to your personal customer list provided that your customers are expecting your information and any requests to be removed are honored.

If your messages are sent within these thresholds, your mail with go out fine.


SMTP Thresholds:

  • 500 Emails in 5 Minutes ---> Mail will be held temporarily.
  • 1000 Emails in 10 Minutes ---> Mail will be held permanently.


SMTP Relay:

  • 100 Emails in 10 minutes ---> Mail will be held temporarily.
  • 200 Emails in 20 minutes ---? Mail will be held Permanently. 



  • 200 Recipients per message maximum.
  • 10 Bad recipients your message will be removed.
  • 20MB Per Message Limit*

* You may be flagged for bulk messages over 1-2 MB in size.



What is SMTP? - SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and most email services in the world use SMTP to send email.

What is SMTP Relay? - Mail relay is the process of transferring an email from one server to another for delivery. An example of this is if you work for Company A and send an email to someone at Company B, you connect to your company’s SMTP server which then relays your email to the server owned by Company B. One server accepting an email from another server is called “relaying.” 

What is SMTP Relay used for? - Many businesses, which send out bulk emails, like newsletters, or automated emails triggered from user interaction, need more tailored outgoing email solutions.


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