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SMTP Authentication is a way to verify that the sender of an email is authorized to send email through a particular SMTP email server. Otherwise, it would be an open-relay and anyone would be able to send mail through that server. e.g. spammers.

At EPhost, we require that you enable SMTP authentication to reduce the amount of spam sent through our network.

Your ISP might require that you use their SMTP server to SEND email rather than use ours. This is no reflection on EPhost, but rather your ISP enforcing their own anti-spam policies. When sending mail through your ISP's SMTP server, you may or may not have to authenticate explicitly. Since you are on their "lines" to access the Internet, they already know who you are and can authenticate you automatically. However, large distributed networks e.g. SBC/Yahoo may require that you still enable SMTP authentication.

For more information about our anti-spam policies please see our Terms of Service.


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