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EPhost, Inc. supports the two primary incoming email protocols, and both can be encrypted.  These are supported on both the Windows and Linux hosting plans.  When setting up your email client it is best to refer to the outlined references below.


POP3: This is a standard protocol most people use to check email. For the most part, messages are kept on the server until downloaded and removed form the server by your email client. 


IMAP: IMAP keeps a message on the server until you delete it. It has the ability to keep your email server and email client in synch.  Nearly all phones, tablets and similar devices with email clients default to using IMAP today.  It is similar to using the POP3 "Leave a Copy of the Message on the Server" feature but there are some essential differences. Please see you email client's support documentation for more information.


Microsoft Activesynch: our "Microsoft Exchange" service solution" for keeping mobile devices, laptop & desktop computers with Microsoft Outlook in synch with the mail server.


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