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To protect our customer base at large, we block certain file extensions from being sent by email. We are unable to make exceptions for individual customers, as email still needs to pass through the system and may cause cause problems for other customers.


We also block other common extension often used to send viruses.

  • .scr
  • .pif
  • .exe (Note: senders will be notified with a way to send such files by email safely)


Our banned extensions policy also applies to banned extensions that are contained in ZIP file. Try renaming the enclosed files (e.g. myfile.exe OK) and resend the email.

We suggest, using FTP to transmit such files. It can be done so that the user does not need to login. You can create many FTP accounts for you and your clients to use from your Control Panel.


Use this format:

"" (replace with your information).


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