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Very often php mail applications rely on the generic settings in the PHP.INI file, however this will not function with EPHost's Windows Platform.

A "from" address must be supplied, please see the follow article for a code solution... 

    See the Knowledge base Article on "Sending Mail using php mail function"

OR use the following option.


This option establishes a from address by default when sending email using PHP if it is not otherwise done in the code

  1. Create a file called .user.ini in the /wwwroot folder of your website.
  2. Put the following in the file and save it.

         sendmail_from =
  3. Reload your application. e.g. open, edit and save the web.config file. To edit just put a few spaces and then delete them.

You can use this as a drop in replacement for overriding many php.ini settings.


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