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We manually approve all requests for mailing lists and/or ability to send bulk email. We roughly consider bulk email to include, but not limited to, any nearly identical message sent to more than 50 people. This includes mailing lists, newsletters etc.

Please complete questions 1-10 below in detail and submit to If a deposit is required we will inform you. In all cases, deposit or no deposit, approved or not approved our Terms of Service and penalties still apply.


  1. Please describe your business and the type of email you will be sending.
  2. Please tell us how you obtained your list and send us a sample of 50 addresses.
  3. Please tell us the size, frequency/timing you plan to send.
  4. Have you had any experience with managing an email list?
  5. Please demonstrate how you will be sending your email and the sending IP address. e.g. Software
  6. Please demonstrate your ability to AUTOMATICALLY unsubscribe users from your list.
  7. Tell us how you plan to remove addresses from your list that bounce or are otherwise undeliverable.
  8. Tell us how/if you plan to keep Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and other free email provider addresses out of your list.
  9. Have you applied for any paid whitelisting services?
  10. While not required, please indicate if you currently have insurance to cover damages to EPhost that may arise from your emailing activities. If so, please supply us with a copy of the applicable portion of your policy, and your insurance Agents name, address and telephone number.

Other Requirements:

  1. All emails must include a valid company name, email, address and telephone number.
  2. All emails must include an automatic unsubscribe link, and short description on why someone is receiving your email.
  3. You must add to your list(s) for all mailings so we get a copy of your email.
  4. You must print out our terms of service, circle the bulk email clause, initial and sign the bottom.

Security Deposit (ONLY if Requested by EPhost):

To deter frivolous bulk emails, poor list management and to collect on appropriate penalty fees in the event of a breach of our terms, we have implemented a security deposit system. In the event that complaint, or issue arises from your activity you will lose your deposit. Otherwise, your entire deposit will be returned to you at the conclusion of your term with us.

  • Minimum Deposit: $500.00 + .10 Per Email Address
  • Subsequent Deposit: In the event your first deposit was forfeited. $1000.00 + .20 per email address


IF A DEPOSIT IS REQUESTED: Please send a MONEY ORDER made payable to EPhost, Inc. for the agreed upon deposit. No checks, PayPal or Money Order's will be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: No evidence or proof is required to be submitted to you to disable or close your account due to actual or suspected violations of our policies. This ALSO applies to your security deposit. Per our Terms of Service we reserve the right to disable any account for any reason without warning.


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If you are still having issues, please contact us for further help.
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