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In order to send email via ColdFusion, ASP, .NET or PHP, you will need to configure your application / website code with the mail server settings. Documentation of the actual code to send mail using your favorite scripting languages can be found at the vendor's website. Please try the following groups of settings one of them will work for you. Please test your changes to make sure it is sending email.

NOTE: Official addresses are always updated on the "Important IP Addresses" KB.

IMPORTANT: Use a FROM address or the the mail servers spam protection may block the emails.


Windows Hosted Systems: Primary Mail Server (recommended)


No Authentication required


Linux Hosted Systems: (only PHP, each server has it's own mail system)

SMTP: localhost (

No authentication required


Many programming languages are have preset mail server settings. e.g. ColdFusion, ASP


If you wish to choose or have the ability to use Encrypted mail, those port settings are


POP3 Port: 995
SMTP Port: 465
IMAP Port: 993


Also SeeEmail Settings POP3 / IMAP | Check email online | Email Troubleshooting | Adding an email to your hosting account WINDOWS / LINUX

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